Die of Shame by Mark Billingham - Book Review

Thursday, 26 October 2017

'Die of Shame' by Mark Billingham is a classic crime-mystery novel. It follows the stories of 6 very different ex addicts, who come together once a week for therapy. When it's found out that one of the members has been murdered, it's up to Detective Inspector Nicola Tanner to find the killer, but with all the confidentiality restrictions, will DI Tanner be able to get all the information she needs?

I found this book very entertaining. Billinghams style of writing makes the reader feel like they're a seventh member, making it easy to get lost in the stories, secrets and drama of the circle. I enjoyed the feeling of being immersed, getting to know each character, and feeling connected to each one. Billingham also does this well, by giving the reader an insight into each characters background stories through the therapy sessions. Each therapy session was interesting and I actually found myself excited for what secrets and deep dark memories were going to be revealed. 

I particularly enjoyed the way the crime came together, the snippets of information given by each of the members providing them with a motive for the murder. Unlike many other crime stories, 'Die of Shame' had many layers and really left me lost for who the murderer might be, every time I thought I knew, I was presented with new information which brought me back to square one. Along with their lives within therapy, Billingham also entwines their lives on the outside adding more and more layers and secrets within the group. 

The only issue I had with the book was DI Tanner. I found that I couldn't relate to her as well as the others, partly because she was so cold and removed. This also made me find her slightly irritating, I was far less interested in the 'now' chapters with her than the 'then' chapters with the other characters. Although this did make reading some parts of the book harder than others, it didn't take away from the overall story line. 

If you like crime and thought-provoking books, this is definitely the perfect book for you. 



  1. i've read books by mark billingham before and really, really enjoyed them! i find his writing so easy to read and so suspenseeful! i love when there's a lot of twists and turns and you can't work out the ending.

    i do love a good crime novel so i'll add this to my reading list for my next holiday!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. you definitely should! It sounds like the perfect book for you. x

  2. oh my gosh.. thank you for the review... will prob get it next month cause I just purchased Dan Brown!
    ig @grace_njio

    1. You definitely should! Dan Brown books are so good too!


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