Fully Functioning Human (Almost) By Melanie Murphy - Book Review

Friday, 13 October 2017

I've never really had a thing for books written by YouTubers, not necessarily because they aren't good, but more because I hadn't seen one that particularly appealed to me. So when I heard Melanie Murphy read a sample of her new book, I was surprised to find myself actually enjoying it. In fact I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy it. 

In her book, a "part memoir, part life guide," Melanie explores different moments in her life through five sections, media and my mind, food and body, beauty and confidence, sex and sexuality, and love and happiness. She mixes funny and light subjects, first crushes and terrible dates, with deep raw ones, depression and eating disorders. She writes in a way that feels almost personal, as if it's just you and her having a quiet intimate chat. It's clear from the first page that the book overflows with Melanie's free-spoken, warm and charismatic personality. 

Along with the amusing anecdotes, I found that the underlying message of practising self-care and confidence was particularity uplifting. As someone who forgets this (as most people do), I found the book really helped and motivated me to think more positively. Although essentially it falls into the category of self-help books, Melanie manages to enforce these ideas without being cheesy or constantly bombarding you with corny confidence quotes. 

It was particularly refreshing to read a book that is so open and frank about taboo subjects such as abortion and sexuality, Melanie does well to break the social stigma that surrounds these subjects. With more and more authors and big personalities delving into this taboo-free world, it's interesting to hear Melanie's views and personal struggles with these topics. It feels much more real and harsh coming from someone who has experienced first hand, issues such as, unplanned pregnancy, and orthorexia.   

I would definitely recommend this book to others, whether you watch Melanie's channel or not. It's the type of easy, but interesting, reading where you pick it up and instantly feel better.



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