Vintage - The fuzzy pink jumper dress

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Aside from the odd glorious moment of sunshine, I think it's pretty safe to say that winter is definitely on its way. I literally woke up the other day, threw on some ripped jeans and a t shirt, only to walk 2 steps outside before turning straight back to add on about 50 layers, my hat and a scarf. It's finally the perfect time of year for giant cosy jumpers and hot chocolate movie nights. So while I was frantically searching through my closet for potential winter clothes, I came across this vintage oversized jumper dress. If i'm honest It was definitely one of those, 'shit I actually own this' moments, but i'm glad I found it. 

I found this vintage jumper dress a while back and assume it's 1990's (though don't quote me on that), it's a beautiful warm fuzzy knit with a wide neck. The main reason I loved this jumper, was the colour, although it's majority pink, it also has blue, yellow and grey thread mixed in. Combined it softens the pink ever so slightly. I also love that it can be worn without a belt or with and look equally as good. Personally I prefer the belted look as it creates slightly more shape and means the dress doesn't drown me as much, sometimes it can be hard to find a jumper dress that doesn't make me look like a walking winter duvet. I think it would go perfectly paired with over the knee boots or socks. 

The only real downside is the material, although super chunky and warm, it's made of a slightly itchy wool. I like the unkempt, slightly messy effect this makes, but in terms of wearing it for long periods... not sure I could handle the itch. 

Do you like vintage? 
*Yep there's actually nothing in the mug.


  1. You look sooo chic and cozy! Perfect for this time of year :)


  2. I love this outfit !

  3. Your sweater looks so cozy, I love the colour

  4. Very cute outfit, love how cosy it looks!

    Anika |

  5. This is gorgeous! Looks so cute on you!! xx

    Kerrabella |

  6. I love this jumper dress! It looks so cozy!

  7. This looks so so cozy, and then it looks so smart when yo pair with with the belt! Love both those looks!
    Lucie, xx

  8. Such a cute pink jumper dress.

  9. That looks so cute and comfy!

    Blvck Bee

  10. I can imagine the type of itchy cloth you described. It's like anything from my mom's 90's closet. Maybe itchy fabric were trendy then? Haha.

    Joy to the World

  11. This is such a cute jumper dress and I love how you've added the black belt in the middle and tied with a bow - SO cute!


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