Morocco in 10 days: A guide

Saturday, 8 February 2020

If you know me you'll know that I love a bit of a trip. So when my brother announced he was going to do an impromptu 10 day road trip around Morocco, I was practically begging him to take me with him. After much convincing he agreed, with one condition I had to plan and organise the whole trip. While I pride myself on being fairly organised, the task of planning a whole road trip by myself was still daunting. For starters, was it even possible to see much of Morocco in 10 days? After sifting through about a million blog posts and articles in an attempt to find the perfect 10 day trip, I started to realise that none of them would be quite right. They were either too long, or too expensive, or, to be quite frank, just a bit too boring. So, I set about making my own route. Despite initial worries, having now completed the trip I can honestly say that I had the best time with very little problems. As a result, I thought I would share my little trip itinarary to save those struggling to find their perfect 10 day Moroccan road trip. Although, I understand this may not be ideal for all, I would highly recommend for those on a smaller budget who enjoy a bit of adventure. 

The Route: 

Day 1 & 2: Fes

        1. Day 1 - Collecting the car

Car Company: We decided to use the company Dollar which we booked online before arrival. We found they were very easy, reliable and perfectly located just outside the airport. 

💡 Before choosing a car company I would highly recommend looking at reviews and ensuring they have a good reputation. Additionally, I would make sure you get 0 excess coverage. Although we got lucky, I've heard car hire companies in Morocco can be a little dodge, so just be careful!  

Hotel: Le Pavillion D'or  Nothing special only stayed as we arrived late and it was right next to the airport. Very basic but clean.

💡 Make sure you have enough cash before getting on the flight! We arrived and all the cash machines were out of service. Many places don't take card.

        2.  Day 2 - Driving to the Desert

This is by far one of the best drives on our route and, to be honest, one of the drives I might have ever driven. One minute you're driving through snowy mountains and the next you're in the middle of the desert! It took us about 7 hours, which seems SO long, but goes by quickly. If anything, you'll be wishing you had more time to stop and take photos. 

💡 Just be aware that you may be driving through snowy mountains. We found the roads easy enough in a small car, but it's always good to be aware.

Dessert Camp: Sahara Dream camp For Merzouga we decided to stay in tents in the middle of the desert. This was by far one of my favourite experiences from our whole Morocco trip. The tents were fully kitted out and even had bathrooms so I would definitely say it was more like 'glamping' than camping, but it was honestly amazing. Our 2 hosts were so kind and always happy to help, and even lit a fire for us at night and played us music. Food was homemade and delicious. 
 💡 We had some trouble finding this camp, so if you do decide to choose a desert camp make sure you phone well beforehand to arrange a meeting place. Additionally nights are V. cold, bring warm coats!

Day 3 & 4: Merzouga 

        1. Day 3 - Camel Rides

On arriving at the camp we booked a camel ride with our hosts for the following day. This was quick and easy. We arranged that we would take the camels for half a day to see the big dunes. Unfortunately, we had a few problems with the man who took us on the camel ride as he initially didn't take us to the dunes and insisted that the trip was what we had arranged. In the end we made it to the dunes and even had the chance to walk to the top. Although, I personally found the camel ride slightly unconfortable and overpriced, I would highly recommend taking other available transport to the dunes and hiking to the top. 

💡 Make sure you arrange prices and the exact itinarary before doing any activities. If they suggest doing something else be sure to remind them what you want to do. Sometimes they may just do this because it's easier for them or they get more money for taking you to a specific place (This is often the case when lunch is included).

        2. Day 4 - Driving to Dadès Gorges

Like the first drive, the drive to dades Gorges was equally as beautiful. It took us around 4 hours which was easy enough. After checking in at our homestay we continued to drive down the gorge and found a a popular photo spot. Make sure you check it out! 

💡 If you're interested in adventure activities it's also possible to do climbing in this area. Although, I didn't know before going, the gorge adjacent to this one offers rock climbing. Would have 100% checked this out had I known beforehand!

Homestay: TAFSUT guesthouse Alongside the desert camp this was by far one of my favourite places to stay. Although, off the main road it was very homely and welcoming. The rooms all had bathrooms and the food was delicious. Additionally, our hosts (2 brothers) were so lovely and always happy to help. 

Day 5 & 6: Dadés Gorge

        1. Day 5 - Hiking

After some discussion with our hosts, we booked a 6 hour hike with lunch included. Although my brother is confident when it comes to trekking I was a little aprehensive. However, it turned out to be the perfect level, with our hosts altering the route in accordance to what we could do. Not only did we have the most beautiful picnic in the middle of the gorge (fruit, veg and yoghurt incl.), but also had the chance to visit a local berber home (and hold some super cute lambs). In all, it was the perfect hike. 

        2. Day 6 - Driving to Marrakech

This drive took us around 7 hours and was probably one of the harder drives. Although the scenery remained beautiful, the road was almost completely through the mountains. Additionally, there were multiple road blocks, which meant the trip took around 2 hours longer than expected.

💡 Watch out for the roads! The majority of this section is very winding and may also have unfinished road. Make sure you check for road works or blocks beforehand if you're under a tight schedule. Watch out for speed cameras. I was surprised to find out that, unlike where I live, these come in the form of police officers sat on the side of the road. While these weren't an issue from Fes to Dadès, we did get stopped multiple times from Dadès back to Fes. So, if you see a speed camera sign I would definitely recommend sticking to it no matter how slow it seems (and it is sloooow)

Riad: La Villa des Orangers was a beautiful little riad located within the old medina walls. Ideally located with a beautiful courtyard and stunning rooms. Although, this riad was very beautiful, I was probably the one riad I would not recommend. Unfortunately we had multiple communication problems regarding parking and overall just found the experience slightly less welcoming and personal. 

💡 If you do choose to stay within the old medina walls, just bare in mind that the roads are teeny and not appropriate for big cars. I would highly recommend finding a car park close to a medina entrance before arrival to ensure you don't end up driving round for hours like an idiot (yes...this may have happened). Also make sure you confirm with the riad how much you should be paying for parking, they probably won't be associated with car park but they should be able to give you a rough amount. 

Day 7 & 8: Marrakesh 

        1. Day 7 - Marrakech

While many enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, we decided that this wasn't really for us. So, instead of going to some of the more busy tourist areas we decided to visit some of the quieter locations. This included, Bahia Palace, Le Jardin Secret, and le jardin Majorelle. We also found that we much prefered the areas outside of the old medina, which were calmer. 

💡 Be aware that the old medina, although beautiful, can be a little claustrophobic. The streets are very small and may be a little daunting if you don't know where you're going. Additionally, I would highly recommend visiting any tourist attractions in the morning to avoid the crowds

        2. Day 8 - Driving to Meknes 

The drive to Meknes took around 6 hours and was easy enough. Nothing too special. Upon arrival we easily found a carpark just inside the medina walls, as instructed by our hosts. 

Riad: Dar Meknes Tresor  This was definitely the most intricately decorated riad we visited. Beautiful unique bedrooms with the perfect roof terrace. Additionally, our host was very welcoming and helpful. I would 100% recommend this riad to anyone wanting to stay in the heart of the Meknes medina. In my opinion, this as the most relaxed medina. Although still pretty compact, there were less tourists making it easier to get around without being hassled. 

Day 9: Meknes 

        1. Day 9 - Volubilis 

Our main reason for stopping in Meknes was to visit the ancient ruins of the berber city Volubilis. Located just outside of Meknes, it took us around 1.5 hours to drive to the ruins. As I much prefer quieter, calm settings, I found this the perfect location to relax after Marrakech. The ruins themselves were also very impressive, definitely well worth the stop! 

        Cont. Driving to Fes

From Volubilis this took around 1.5  hours. An easy drive, but can be slow due to traffic.

Riad: Riad Arabella Although basic this riad had a stunning roof terrace. The rooms were fairly small, but for one night it was just what we needed. It was also ideally located, especially as we had very limited time to explore. 

💡 Fes old medina can be very claustrophobic. The streets are very small and easy to get lost in. If you don't like crowds or small spaces I would definitely recommend getting a riad in the new medina. Additionally, if staying in the medina I would make sure to arrange a suitable car park before arriving in the city. The little streets can be very overwhelming and people may use this to try and scam you into parking somewhere which is not permitted

Day 10 - Flying home 

        1. Day 10 - Returning the car

Before returning the car we had to wash it and refill the petrol. Although simple enough we decided to leave it until the very last minute. Would highly not recommend. After driving around for hours we did end up finding a car wash, but this took longer than expected as there were 4 cars before us and one man with a hose. In the end we did make our flight (just!) but it was definitely more stress than it was worth. 

💡 Don't be stupid like us, leave early and make sure to locate a car wash service before setting off. 

Anyway, I hope this little guide was useful and potentially answered some of your questions. Let me know your thoughts (or useful additional info) in the comments!

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  1. wow what an impressive trip, didn't know Morocco had such a variety of scenery!

    1. Me neither until I went! Would 100% recommend going if you get the chance.

  2. This was so great to read ! Morocco is one of the most beautiful African countries and I’m so glad you got to experience it.
    PS - your blog is stunning !

  3. This looks incredible - especially love the dunes! Your pictures are amazing and Morocco looks so cool!

    Tash -

    1. The dunes were probably my favourite part! It is so cool, would definitely recommend.

  4. The pictures are so beautiful, Morocco is such a beautiful country and I’m glad you had a wonderful experience. I would love to visit when we are allowed to travel. Thanks for sharing

    1. It's probably one of the most beautiful countries I've been to! Would highly recommend going when you get the chance!

  5. Wow these pictures look amazing! Morocco is on my bucket list so I can't wait to visit one day.

    1. You won't regret if you do! Thanks for reading x

  6. Such a great route and beautiful photos!

  7. It is amazing that you got to visit all of the different places throughout Morocco in 10 days! It is always cool to see people drive through the desert. The desert looks amazing! Glad you enjoyed your trip overall!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Yeah I was so hesitant about my route at the begining, but so glad it turned out okay! Thank you for reading x

  8. This looks so adventurous and kudos to you for packing so much in 20 days!

  9. This looks like such a beautiful place! So much adventure for your stay. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Lauren |

    1. Honestly one of the most beautiful places i've been! Thank you for reading x

  10. I LOVE THIS! I hadn't thought about adding Morocco to my travel list; but for sure am now. Thanks for posting - some amazing pictures here x

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. You definitely won't regret it if you do! Thanks for reading x

  11. This sounds like such an amazing adventure. Your photos are incredible, especially the view of the gorges.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah am honestly so glad I had the chance to go x

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